Ph? at Le Petit Saigon

The justalilhype! Crew visited Le Petit Saigon for Ph? Noodles, one of our favorite snacks. Upon arrival we were blocked off for about 5 minutes, watching two ladies desperately backing out to get their car out of the parking lot. We were patient but once we drove closer to the restaurant, we already felt a sense of goodness of the Ph? house and were very hungry. The restaurant looks old and is on east hastings right before P.N.E. so for it to stay in business for so long, it must have held a set of high standards. While walking from the parking lot to the restaurant, we could already smell the soup! We both got Ph? noodles and a side dish of spring rolls. (Only $1.75!) We enjoyed the soup base a lot but thought the meat could be better. Anyways, this place is qualified by us as a good place for a quick snack!