Ray Black – Spring Forward EP

Homie Ray Black of Okay City put out his latest work, the Spring Forward EP. Available on his Bandcamp page, the EP is pay-by-donation with no minimum. This EP features 9 tracks with one of them being a bonus track. With collaborations from Mos Eisley, Moka Only, and A-Ro on the tracks, Spring Forward is definitely a chill and jazzy / soulful EP, perfectly designed for the spring that we’re finally starting to see. One of my favourite tracks is “Explosions in the Sky” as well as “Spring Forward”, which are the last and first tracks, respectively. “Explosions in the Sky” is a slower song whereas “Spring Forward” definitely sets the tone for the EP and matches the feel of the EP more.



1. Spring Forward
2. Like This Ft. Mos Eisley
3. Begin Again
4. Check it Out! Ft. Moka Only
5. Summerlude
6. FlyBaby
7. Daylight Savings Time Ft. A-Ro
8. Explosions in the Sky (Bonus Track)