SonReal – Where’s Waldo (review and download)

Our homie SonReal released his latest work, Where’s Waldo. Be sure to support this artist and download his music, listen to it, and then thank us for sharing it.

Hit the jump below for download, review, and

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track listing.

Overall, this album showcases more of SonReal’s vocal talents with him utilizing the full range of his abilities. SonReal’s approach to music is to make things that he wants to make. He understands that he can’t please everyone with his music and doesn’t attempt to do so. This album features collaborations with Tona, Joe Scudda, Rich Kidd, Saukrates and Ali Milner. Be sure to keep an eye out for interviews with Tona and Rich Kidd from us. This album was made possible because of the producers for this, including LoKeynote, Cafe Society, Big Pops, Vokab, Chanes, Aliby, Matt Brevner, SoundSmith, Burd & Keyz, Blaise, Classified, and 2oolman.

With “Blast Off”, the first track after the intro, it is very similar to his previous works and is definitely a good jam. Next up is “For Life”, a feel good jam that he does with Tona. I really like the overall feel and message that goes through with this song – something good to listen to to break through the winter blues. “Clap 4 Me” seems like a really personal song and opens up with a reflection from SonReal about his recent career. “Out There” is a story about a girl struggling through life and falling through demons of a city, calling out for hope. “She Gone” is the most different track out of the album and is the pick of the justalilhype! Crew. It reminds us of “Smile” from The Lightyear Mixtape, which was also our favourite off of the mixtape. Be sure to check out “Haunted” as well.

A nice addition to the album is the obvious inclusion of the electrical guitar throughout many tracks. SonReal has worked with guitars before, especially on his first albums The Stroll and Good Morning. Support your artist and purchase these albums.

Overall, this is a solid album to a good year, especially for SonReal. We hope that the rest of the year for our artists are just as good.



1. Showtime (Intro)
2. Blast Off
3. For Life Ft. Tona
4. Clap 4 Me
5. Where’s Waldo?
6. Out There
7. She Gone
8. Judgemental
9. Haunted ft. Ali Milner
10. Ding Dong
11. Feel That Way
12. #1 Hater
13. #1 Fan
14. Dr. Dumb it Down ft. Tona
15. Ignorant ft. Eternia, Joe Scudda
16. Already There Remix ft. Rich Kidd, Saukrates
17. My Life Outro
Full Credits:
released 28 February 2011
All songs written, recorded, and mixed by: Aaron G Hoffman
All additional female vocals by: Ali Milner
Executive Producer: Byron Wilson for Goodlife Inc
Art Design by: Byron Wilson for Goodlife Inc.
Photography by: Keith Henry
SonReal logo design by: Tyler Ryckman

“Showtime” (A. Hoffman, N. Berringer) Prod. Lokeynote

“Blast Off” (A. Hoffman, L. Boyd) Prod. Classified

“For Life” (A. Hoffman, R. Nantwi, F. Mokhtarian, A. Papaleo) Prod. Vokab & Big Pops of Northern Profit

“Clap For Me” (A. Hoffman, C. Falsettki) Prod. Chanes

“Where’s Waldo” (A. Hoffman) Prod. Aliby

“Out There” (A. Hoffman, S. Treacy) Prod. Café Society

“She Gone” (A. Hoffman, M. Brevner) Prod. Matt Brevner

“Judgmental” (A. Hoffman, T. Hill) Prod. 2oolman for First Of The Month Production

“Haunted” (A. Hoffman, A. Milner) Prod. Soundsmith

“Ding Dong” (A. Hoffman, A. Liburd) Prod. Burd & Keyz

“Feel That Way” (A. Hoffman, T. Hill) Prod. 2oolman for First Of The Month Production

“#1 Hater” (A. Hoffman) Prod. Blaise

“#1 Fan” (A. Hoffman L. Lunnon) Prod. Café Society & Mr. Devine for Nexx Move Inc.

“Dr. Dumb It Down” (A. Hoffman, R. Nantwi, R. Superville) Prod. Superville

“Ignorant” (A. Hoffman, S. Semiramis, J.Griffin, S. Treacy) Prod. Café Society

“Already There Remix” (A. Hoffman, R. Acheampong, F. Mokhtarian, A. Papaleo) Prod. Vokab & Big Pops of Northern Profit

“My Life Outro” (A. Hoffman, T. Hill) Prod. 2oolman