Tenka Final

The justalilhype! Crew attended the Tenka Final hosted by DJ Teppi. The Tenkia series event curated by Teppi himself not only unifies the multicultural community together with predominantly Japanese attendees, but also with people from different backgrounds. The Tenka nights introduces new DJs to the scene, and are also organized with dance performances. On this night, DJ Teppi brought along his DJ friends Skinny Doh, WY, and Huzzle. For the performance portion of the night, there were a total of six dance crews that performed which included: Kinesix, LAZY, So What!?, Instant Crew, Style-O-Phonics, AG Crew, and last but not least Groovy G’s. Teppi gave the crowd a big surprise by performing with the Groovy G’s for the final dance routine of the night, where he wore shades and grooved along to the beat. Even though Teppi might not be as good in dancing as DJing, his performance left the crowd memorable laughters and overall the night was very enjoyable as Teppi’s friends bids him fair well. On behalf of The justalilhype! Crew, we wish DJ Teppi the best of luck as he leaves Vancouver in a few weeks and continues his DJ career across Asia. Hopefully one day we will see Tenka events surface below the heavens once again, but it will be forever different without the enthusiastic and experienced DJ Teppi himself, who has earned his recognition and status in the hip-hop community of Vancouver.