The Day of The Skratcher 2

T’was a mysterious night…a snowy night where hundreds of turntablists turned their heads to one event: Skratcher 2. In it’s second happening since 2010, Skratcher 2 harvested the skills of turntablists and displayed them four setups long. With loopers provided by the Skratcher Family, the turntables were almost never empty, save for the few intermissions that happened throughout the night. The best part about this event was that it brought out participation from every level. It wasn’t about how much skill one had or how much skill they didn’t have. It was purely based on the love and appreciation for scratching. With that in mind, the beginning of the night was dedicated to beginners, and then it was open sign up for the rest.

It doesn’t look like Skratcher is losing any momentum at all – be sure to come out, whether for the first, second, or third time – to support and appreciate this diminishing art form.