Toast from the Editors

Dear Readers,

If this was a continuation of an issue, we would be revealing our “40th” or so presentation of interviews, photographs, and editorials from all across Canada.

However, this is not

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the case as we have stepped back and took a slightly different approach over the two years of transition into a new habitat as we relocate ourselves to other parts of the globe.

If you follow us personally across our social media networks, you will certainly find out that we are in fact untraceable – well, maybe to a degree if you are on Foursquare, but the most common question that we receive is “Where are you?” The above leads into a better question in the context of justalilhype! – “Where’s the magazine?”

The answer is quite simple – the magazine wasn’t sustainable and we had to resort to new ideas to continue to grow as a movement, community, and platform. An online journal will replace the news format to keep our readers happy. On the other hand, we feel obligated to focus a bit more on working directly with people within the industry.

As we enter into a new chapter of justalilhype!, we, as a creative consulting agency is happy to work with any one in the Canadian street culture and hip-hop industry – and beyond. While our base has been developed in Canada, we have no doubts that we will be able to take your brand overseas. That is perhaps why you couldn’t find both of us in the past two years.

Most importantly, we wouldn’t be where we are without your support, and the Crew themselves. As highlighted in the IN HYPE WE TRUST x CREW13 feature, we got a chance to have a conversation between all the collaboratives working for justalilhype! I invite you to read the feature here to get a better sense of where we are going, and we would like to reiterate that our success thus far is due to people that have worked, talked, or simply believed in the justalilhype! brand.

May you join us in toasting for a new start, and most importantly, the potential opportunities ahead for you as readers or clients to experience in 2014.



Editor in Chiefs