In this episode of “IN HYPE WE TRUST”, we explore the insights and the ideas behind the mastermind of the whole project. This exclusive interview is conducted with the founder and Editor of Chief from justalilhype! From his views on HYPE to what he thinks about Vancouver.

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Why do you think people should visit www.justalilhype.com ?

This is one of the questions that started off this project. First, we were struggling in creating a forum as a community for members to interact. It didn’t quite work out because technology and the way people interact on the web are much different nowadays and are ever changing. Having a community is not enough and my crew and I aren’t satisfied in just creating a solid community. For now the forum will be set as dormant; we will kick it off when we feel it’s time. Incorporating the magazine is an idea that really gave us a lot more innovation, freedom, and focus on our new direction. Think about the magazine as the core, and the community as the backbone. I want both to be successful, and will work hard to develop that notion within this project: a vibrant magazine and a self-sustaining community.

What magazines do you occasionally read?

WIRED Magazine from the states, Milk Magazine from Hong Kong, Vice Magazine from New York, Time Magazine, Cover article. Those magazines have given me the most inspirational out of all, and it makes me want to start my own.

As being part of the staff team of “justalilhype!” what makes you an important contributor to the crew?

Without me, this project would never been started, and without anyone in my team, this project would be nothing. Even though I am the founder, I feel that justalilhype! can only function with a full crew of dedicated staff which is what I have currently, and I am grateful for that.

justalilhype! focuses around all areas of HYPE. What do you think is the most important aspect of Vancouver’s HYPE?

Vancouver’s HYPE is very dispersed. Because of the multicultural aspect of Vancouver, it’s interesting to see how other countries’ creation brings attention to Vancouver’s people. The underground factor of many unheard events, friend’s and family parties, and the very talented yet not famous people is what I think is the most important aspect of Vancouver’s HYPE.

Where do you see yourself and justalilhype! in a few years?

In a few years, I hope “justalilhype!” will be at least heard of by most teenagers in Vancouver.

I am a creative person. I already have a list of events ready to kick off and some sets dates. It’s like playing chess. Someone once told me that chess masters would think about the next five moves they would potentially take. To be honest, I suck at chess, but I remembered what that person told me. I have many plans but something I can tell you know is I want a crew and system of succession and learning-teaching from old crew members to fresh one so justalilhype! can last forever.

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I am involved with many projects and I don’t think anyone, even the people closest know to me, can truly know my full identity.

People might say this is just another Hypebeast site. What would you say to that?

This is note Hypebeast. We cover locals only. Many cities have very vibrant and known magazines and I don’t see one yet, that’s why that title is saved for us. By the way, this magazine is just a small part of this grand project.

What is HYPE to you and why “justalilhype!”?

HYPE to me is addictive and inescapable. It is something I can’t stop thinking about. HYPE is like a CRUSH for a girl. HYPE is like the desire of TOYS, CARDS, CANDY in relation to my childhood experiences. HYPE is a moment of experience that will always be with me. Even if the HYPE for that thing is gone, the taste of the memory of that instance of love lasts forever.

HYPE to me is low in Vancouver. Even though I know that this city is full of surprises, events, celebrities, trend-starters, exclusive goodies, it is still hidden and very underground. In contrast, in many ways, we do have access to goods we crave for, but the HYPE is not there. For global releases of the same item, from my experiences I can definitely say the amount of people lining up or going after the item is much less in my hometown of Vancouver.

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“justalilhype!” because it is evident that this mixed city has hype, but in a low concentration. Having a little doesn’t necessary mean it’s a bad thing though. I can see that this low level of HYPE can definitely have potential of growing and I want to take this opportunity to be the one giving it the push.

I feel the power of the HYPE, feeding off me at all areas within my life. This project is definitely going to be a good venue for stories, articles, and the ability to connect people together; people that are popular, underground, mainstream, unheard-of, unique, creative, abstract, and most importantly, undiscovered.

Photography by: Nico Mak