justalilhype! “HYPE IS DEAD”

People are lost in our city because of our dispersed and diluted quality of HYPE. The article talks about how HYPE is lost through a series of supported evidence. Vancouver, is one of the best cities rated but it is failing to match up the HYPE with other major cities.


Where is all the hype? In Vancouver, JH! believes that there is pretty much no more hype in Vancouver, and where there actually is hype, it’s all dispersed and diluted, or for all the wrong reasons. Clubbing and other various events are the best example to prove my point.

I attended an event at a nightclub in Gastown that was an night party for a store, and even the name of the event was a tribute to that store. Moreover, that was the night of various drops. The disappointing part of all this was that very few people knew what the whole event was about, let alone know about the drop (and even less when you take away the many promoters that knew about it). A quick survey helped me find out why they were there: “my friends told me to come out” or “I’m a regular clubber” or “I’m just here to get drunk”. These were the responses of a large majority of the attendees. You may be thinking, so what? that’s only for this event. Unfortunately, even for events held by student organizations promoting charitable causes or educational causes failed to drive the main message to the attendees. Is it any wonder why the outcome of these events is just money (or money lost) and hangovers?

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Over the summer, Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D. came by for a visit at a local store in Vancouver. He was obviously here because of the Glow in the Dark tour with fellow CRS crew Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, and other stragglers like the rest of N.E.R.D. and Rihanna. However, the main reason why he visited the store was to promote the Seeing Sounds album which was soon to drop, and also the Billionaire Boys Club brand Ice Cream. Hypebeasts were first in the line obviously, but that section ended within ten feet. There may have been hypebeasts at various points in the line, but other than that, it was just people there hyped up over Pharrell because finally, other than a concert, there’s some famous person doing publicity in our little community. Most of them were girls because obviously, Pharrell is just eye candy to them. Interviewing some line people, none of them cared or even knew N.E.R.D. was dropping a sick album, or even that Pharrell was part of a music GROUP, and not a solo act. More than half didn’t even know who Shae and Chad Hugo were or what they looked like.

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DJ’s, artists, and dancers often express their frustration over the lack of concentrated hype. These are the people that depend on hype the most, yet our community is letting them down. In Vancouver, the hype is just so spread out, and the reason for this is that we’re too spread out from each other. The density of the Greater Vancouver Regional District and suburban space dominance makes it hard for people to get to places, to communicate in more direct methods with each other, and to spread the hype.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the promoters of these events or the ones hitting people with a message are doing a poor job, and I’ve been there and done that, trying to promote events with special causes. It’s just that these people that attend these events don’t even know the cause because they bought into the wrong hype. This is why hype is dead to us in Vancouver. You look elsewhere and there is tons of hype wherever you go, wherever you look. Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London; these are all big name cities, of course, but Vancouver always says its joining these ranks of top world cities isn’t it? But then where’s the hype that goes with major cities? The truth for that matter is that Vancouver is still far off from these top cities with international status.

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Having said all this, it seems like the staffers here at justalilhype! have lost its faith with hype. Conversely, it’s In Hype We Trust, and we believe that even though presently the hype is dead in Vancouver (or never really there), we’ll bring it back from the mouldy closet that its been shoved into, and make sure people hear that hype is still around.


NOTE: This is an editorial and is the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of justalilhype!. If you disagree with or like it, send in your comments or YOUR topic to info@justalilhype.com