justLISTEN! Mugz

Interview by Jenkin Au and Alan Ng
Words by Cornelius Suen and Ryan Goldade
Photography by Jenkin Au


Location: Montreal

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    I would first like to say that the Interviewer asked great questions. But some of the questions needed a strong follow up after Mugz weak responses.
    1- I doubt real heads compare you to DRAKE, I think that Mugz would love to think that. I would say that Mugz tries really hard to sound like DRAKE and LIL Wayne but it is not as easy at it looks. I believe Mugz thinks that Drake’s skills are all surface and put together, but they are not Drake has actual Talent in not only sounding good but creatively writing GREAT music that speaks to the masses. If you pay attention to MUGZ’s lyrics he often regurgitates lines and stories from Artist such as drake and then puts his mediocre twist on things while not understanding the true complexity and meaning of what was said by drake in the first place.

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    2- Mugs makes music that just rhymes which is the worst kind of music. There is never a message, a coherent story or even a SOLID puch line. Drake says shit that you reflect on over and over and writes with true emotions. Mugz has Zero rewind factor, I would say Mugz at this moment is great back ground music but nothing grownbreaking because he has yet to find his own voice, style, or content. I wonder what rappers would sound like if there was no lil wayne young money circa 2007 amd drake 2009 up until now. Mugs is great at emulating what he sees and hears but doesnt not see the HARD TALENT and WORK behind it. You are not gonna win a grammy by sounding and emulating someone else..

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    3-Let’s take the example of LONELYGIRL witch right off the bat the art work tries to be “artistic” like lets say the cover of the Kanye west’s latest album. Mugz and his team of advisors seems to jump on whatever the current bandwagon is. Anyway I listened to the song 6 times to understand why the song is called lonely girl. the lyrics have nothing to do with the song title and the lyrics are not coherent and don’t tell any real story. I would like Mugs or anyone to explain to me the concept behind this song. I want to be a fan but he is not providing me with any reason to. Like I said Mugs iz all SURFACE and is trying real hard to CREATE the perfect storm with no TALENT besides SOUNDING GOOD. but True heads want to see and hear Talent not just the MARKETING end of it, We leave the surface stuff to the pop acts. in Hiphop yoiu have to have substance.

  • Guest

    Who compares rappers to Drake? He has one album, no talent and can’t sing.. stop dick riding a sub-par rapper like Drake.. if you’re going to make comparisons, then compare to someone with legitimate talent…. btw.. real heads don’t listen to drake.

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    4-I am not a hater by any means I am a true hip hop critic and head who can appreciate talented/creative rappers. The internet has given everyone with a computer a voice and that’s why we are being infiltrated by everyone who thinks they can put words together and be with the BIG BOYS. Having a twitter account and a youtube page and a budget to do a video doesn’t make you an artist that can be with the BIG BOYS. I challenge Mugs to give me 6 meaninfull , coherent bars with solid punchlines that can make me rewind it. call it the 60 second pitch that would make me sign him. Noone wants a lackluster carbon imatation of a popular rapper. We want orgininality, skills, subject matter. SWAG comes last. and PS when you get 100 +itmes of POLO (real not fakes) then you can call yourself the polo gang. stop trying to emulate everything you see on WSSH especially if you arent living it.