justSKATE! Cameo Wilson

Interview by Alan Ng
Words by Cornelius Suen and Alan Ng
Photography by Jenkin Au



Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Cameo Wilson. Las Vegas, Nevada. Skating the Plaza in Downtown Vancouver.

What made you move to Vancouver to skate?

I was born here, but I moved to Vegas when I was really young and grew up there, and now I am back here.

What will your future be like? Are you going to hang around in Vancouver or go back to Vegas?

I am back and forth all the time. They are both great places. Beautiful scenery here, and craziness in Vegas.

Tell us about your skate schedule. How often do you skate?

Everyday. As much as possible, really.

When weather permits right? Sometimes it’s hard to find a good sunny day in Vancouver.

Yea, when that happens I try to get out of town as fast as possible.

What are some of your favorite places to skate in Vancouver?

The Plaza, or freaking around the beach. That’s about it. Hell yea!

What are some of the hardest skate tricks you have pulled off?

Switch Ollie.

(Cameo laughs.)

Who are some of the skaters that inspire you?

Kenny Anderson, Greyden, and all the homies out of Vegas. Shit, everybody really. Just the whole skate community.

Have you ever planned to make a career out of skating?

If it happens, it happens. I’m just working on parts here and there for now. And a lot of traveling for the future as well.

What’s a trick that you are trying to work on at the moment?

Switch flips.

What are some of the brands that you associate yourself with?

DVS, Stacks Skateboards, and Pharmacy Boardshop, all day. And I can’t forget Momentum wheels.

For upcoming skaters in Vancouver, what suggestions do you have for them?

Just keep pushing. It’s hard, but just keep pushing.

Is there a skate crew that you work with closely?

Everyone out here at the Plaza. I skate for a living, that’s it.

What is HYPE?

HYPE is the feeling you get when you land a trick. HYPEd!



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