Legitimate Pursuit

Written by Jenkin Au
Edited by Jenkin Au and Alan Ng
Photography by Jenkin Au



Many people have asked us why we’re involved with justalilhype!. Through our time with justalilhype!, it has evidently become a large portion of our lives. The justalilhype! Crew has often stressed our long list of priorities, including due dates, future goals, and presence, both online and offline. It almost seems like a monthly repeat cycle, racking up our schedules and minds around the same time. We experience the same thoughts and the same discussions take always place: “Will we be successful? How do we get there? What are we going to do for this or that?” While we all still juggle jobs and school outside of our lives, justalilhype! remains a top priority, even if this means juggling long work days, seven days a week. Each month, justalilhype! takes on multiple interviews, articles, photo shoots, video shoots, marketing plans and campaigns, contests, and much more. But since we do so much, what are we classified as? Our formal title is a magazine but we’re well beyond that. For those people who have called it a blog – we know you haven’t read justalilhype! enough. For those of you who have called it a magazine – alright, you’re good and hope you continue to read. But for those of you who call it a vision and a life project, now we’re talking. The justalilhype! Crew views it as much more than just a magazine and for those who see it in the same light, we are connected beyond our daily conversations. Luckily for us, we have had the fortune of meeting other likeminded people and it inspires us to keep continuing with what we do.

In addition to this, we’re always being asked whether or not we’re making money. From the very beginning, money, or profit, hasn’t been something that justalilhype! concerned itself with. Yes, money would be great and it helps finance our projects and a profit puts money in our own pockets. However, at the very end of the day, justalilhype! is more concerned about what gets put out and the motive behind putting something out. When someone creates something, the motives behind that creation need to be real and true from the heart. Enjoy what you do, but remember that your dedication to your creation is visible and is a necessity in everything you do.

With justalilhype!, we follow the motto “IN HYPE WE TRUST”. While the literal interpretation might seem materialistic and fleeting, the figurative interpretation is something much deeper than its literal companion. While no one on the crew talks about the full meaning, each crew member understands it to the fullest, with the passion for its belief stemming from the founders own entrenched passions. Roughly speaking, “legitimate pursuit” is our main attitude, making the selection of our crew a tricky and careful task.

While we are well over two years in, we are still children in our overall life. This amount of time might seem like a lot but for something as large scale as what we’re trying to accomplish, it is more than appropriate. 2010 has been the best year so far for many people, especially for Canada – it was a phenomenal year. For us, 2010 has served justalilhype!’s expectation as a good year, but not an outstanding year. For 2011, no resolutions have been set, only game plans. 2011 shall be an outstanding year for justalilhype!, achieving more than ever and rewarding our fans and readers like never before.



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