The Flow

Written by Jenkin Au
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au



Writing is a flow. Art comes out as a flow. Music is created as a flow. A dance is a flow. This flow stems in part from true talent and instincts but it also flows from pure dedication and practice. As an overall, one idea and one action can lead to a series of different actions and reactions. In this moment, creativity happens in a split second and immediately after, that creativity and transformed directly into action. Your hands react without thought and your feet shuffle without consideration. Even without your sight, you know precisely where to place each block, assembling the masterpiece from experience. Memories are evoked – the actions you decided and strategized long ago come flooding back to the tops of your mind. The moves you saw on the screen become a vivid ghost image, with only yourself as the player. You see the entire strategy in a fast-forward motion picture play out before you. Familiar feelings build up within you, reminding you of how you felt when everything fell into place.

While quick to the outsider, that reminiscent feeling seems to fester within you for decades. Soon, it metamorphoses into euphoria and you almost see yourself as having a golden glow surrounding yourself. Like a programmed robot, you know your actions. Looking at the grand scheme of actions, it looks like it was a sophisticated execution, with every second being a conscious and active decision.

Never before has this momentum been challenged by an outsider – it is perceived as ingenuity and as a god given gift. However, have you as an individual questioned your own ability to control each and every aspect of a flawless execution? Was each move a calculated manoeuvre, taken only to lay the foundations for the move after and every subsequent move as well? If this were possible, out bursts of anger and sudden rushes of creativity would not happen. As much as you would like to be in charge and be conscious, it is unfortunate that more than likely that the flow that you produced was a regurgitation of familiarity, almost an instinct at this point.

After hours and hours of practice, actions and reactions have become engraved into your mind, like a trap card, only to active at the right moment. While you may have control of some actions, the majority of it is controlled by your instincts. Even with something as controlled as writing, the writer tries to draw a picture in the readers mind. As a writer writes each sentence, the story evolves and changes from the original thesis. He or she chooses words that have been long etched into their mind as the choice of words. The way he or she pieces a sentence together is more of an amalgamation of words that he or she can think of off the top of their mind. For every player in every game, practice is inevitable. Without practice, even the average man can catch up to god’s gift. Through practice, the average man can succeed even the most gifted.



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  • January 17, 2011

    Kim Villagante

    Hey Jenkin,
    I really liked this. I understand the flow you talk about and connected with the process of flow that you described. You encourage me to strive for that flow in my art.
    thank you!

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