justSKATE! David Lemire

Interview by Alan Ng
Words by Alan Ng and Amie Nguyen
Photography by  Jenkin Au

Location: Montreal



Tell us a bit more about yourself.

My name is David Lemire. I am 11 years old and I go with the vibe.

What got you into skate boarding?

I just went with the flow, bought a board and ever since then, I have been skating every day.

Before you got a skateboard, were you inspired by anyone?

I had a few friends on the S3 Skateboard Shop Team before joining the team. They guided me through and taught me the beginner tricks

How long have you been skating for?

Five years, going on to six.

What competitions have you entered?

I did the Challenge Skateboard 2010 Competition and I won first place in the Staircase Competition.

There’s a difference between skating indoors and street skating. What kind of skater are you?

Right now, I am more into skating indoors but I am trying to work it out to get more footage on the streets. It’s getting there.

Tell us about the skate crew you represent.

My crew is the S3 Boardshop. We have seven stores so far and it started out in Three Rivers. It started off with three guys that wanted a shop that had snowboard, surf, and skate.  Ever since then, they have been priming it up for kids like me who want to board.

The S3 crew also surfs and snowboards. Do you do any of that?

I snowboard as well but I am not on the team for snowboarding yet. I just came back from Whistler and was in a small snowboard competition.

Throughout all these years of skating, have you suffered any injuries?

Nothing broken yet; only sprained ankles.

What goals in the future do you have as a skater?

Win and get paid.

Is there a skate trick you are trying to master?

I really don’t know. I’m just aiming to do the best tricks I can.

Outside of skateboarding, what else do you do?

Hanging out with my friends and working.

Tell us about the Montréal skate community.

I know more about the Three Rivers skate community; it’s a two-hour drive from here but the Montréal skate scene is really good too. It’s not as good as the States, I guess, but we are doing better now.

If you could design one thing for yourself, what would you design?

I would design a skateboard with a photo of my friend on it. He’s on the team as well. He’s hilarious and I would want to put him on a board doing something funny.

Where else would you like to travel to and skate?

I would like to visit Vancouver or California.

What’s your favorite skate park?

My favorite skate park is at South Shore. There’s a full paved skate park; everything is on concrete.

What’s your favorite thing about skating?

The feeling of being able to pull off crazy tricks.

What is HYPE?

Go fast and do the highest and biggest trick I can. That’s HYPE.


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    I loooveeee yoooou <3<3<3 and just so you know he is 17 years old not 11 years old hihii

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