Mind Over Matter

Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au



While the mind plays a vital role in your performance in life- what are the limits to the physical human condition and what’s feasible for one to achieve in a lifetime?

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to the above concept is on understanding the physical limitation of yourself and to clearly underline your limits. The mind of any rapper, breakdance, artist, DJ, skater would always want to excel above their skill level in order to be recognized for their passions and dedications toward their craft. Often times, physically one can encounter injuries, or accidents. For artists, one could encounter mental disorders due to their inability to create the piece of work that they foresee, or are trapped in a box where they see their creations going nowhere and unrecognized.

The notion of ‘Mind Over Matter’ in relation in street culture is relative in the sense that everyone’s in this scene is suppose to be hustling and doing whatever they can to elevate themselves in their craft or trade. The competitive state of your mind is a strong aspect in determining your success but meanwhile you must also truly consider your physical limitations as a human being.

Knowing and understanding your limit allows you to not only pace yourself on the road of success but it also allow your mind to stay strong. Physically, many things can be done. Skills can be learned, and tricks can be mastered but if your mind is in an unhealthy state, then not only does it makes you lose motivation in life, but you lose focus on your targets and goals.

The minds of influential did not only challenge the limits and boundaries of the genre of art, but often times challenged themselves physical in order to achieve the impossible. While tasks that are regarded as unattainable may only be achieved by determined mindsets, it is also about the balance of knowing one’s limitation. B-boys and B-girls have pulled moves that puts pressure on the human body, rappers and singers spend countless hours in the studio perfecting their vocals and rhymes, skaters put themselves in life-threating situations in order to film videos, graffiti artists take risks in society to create art, and the list continues. If people did not know their limits, they wouldn’t even be able to survive or be in such of a physical condition that allows them to shine after they have achieved the impossible.

Having a strong mindset can definitely help bring your skills and yourself to the next level, but ensure you understand that limitation because the mind can only take you so far with what ever the ‘matter’ you are created by.


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  • March 14, 2011

    Colin Chau

    Mind-over-matter has become huge, especially witht he new wave of post-post-modernism. many will say we are in the post-modernist phase, but I think society has moved beyond that, and those who receive a liberal education these days are highly inquisitive. Beyond the heritage of religiosity, scientific-rationalism, modernism, post-modernism, we now have become intellectually invested in a space of discourse that questions everything, seeking to understand but never to hold firm.

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