Written by Jenkin Au
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au

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  • Colin Chau

    This is a thoughtful exhibition of one’s own nuanced story and carries the air of triumph, and certainly is an inspiring monologue, however I think that it may not entirely serve as a monolithic moral lesson or the path of individual pursuit in the perfection of epistemological approaches, which to each is wholly its own. The ultra-positivism shouldn’t be taken only as such, though – there is an importance attached to the positivist treatment that has been given to this monologue that can give voice to and frame the equal circumstances of others that may have s similar story to tell. Half curmudgeonry and disdain for past transgression, but also half compassionate humanism makes this monologue a reflection of a tempered heart and personality that is neither resigned and submissive, nor seeking a hegemonic monopoly over the discourse as to the meaning of life.

    THE MEANING OF EXISTENCE by LES MURRAY: Everything except language / knows the meaning of existance. / Trees, planets, rivers, time / know nothing else. They express it / moment by moment as the universe. // Even this fool of a body / lives it in part, and would / have full dignity within it / but for the ignorant freedom / of my talking mind.

    [About] Colin Chau specializes in Canadian and Euro-Asian (Western Europe and former Soviet-Bloc) defence management and security policy, weapons (small-arms and ordinance) proliferation, global transmigration, international political economy, espionage, terrorism and terrorist financing.
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