The Working Trust

Written by Nick Naej
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au



Trust is a serious issue. It’s ironic because a trust editorial is coming from a male, especially when women are always complaining about men and their trust issues. Although I am not writing about personal and life-relationship type of trust, it is still very relevant to the trust that I am writing about – the working trust. Trust is one of the hardest things to foster. While working with other people, although the element of trust is different from your own personal trust, the foundations are the same and much more is at stake, especially while working with friends. How are you ale to work together with someone if you don’t trust them, even if they are your friends? Whether it is dealing with finances, having trust in someone’s skills, or even trusting their basic work ethics, trust is the most important aspect of a working relationship. If a working relationship is forced and imposed, and there is no trust, the relationship will quickly erode and cost the project significantly. Jealousy and agitation set in causing conflicts of many sorts.

With so many issues regarding a working relationship without trust, how do you create this aspect of business? Simple: your own work ethics and communications must improve. There’s an old cliché: “Do you, right, and people will come.” By doing your own part right, people will see that and they will understand the way you operate. Reinforce this with an appropriate amount of communication, letting people know what you are up to. You are now giving people no room for negative speculation, even before they begin to think about it. They know what to expect and there is nothing for them to question. Moreover, by doing yourself right, your own personal integrity will become something that is desirable.

There were many instances where trust was the deciding factor in pivotal moments of my

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life. Most notably, there was the biggest deciding factor of my life to date. I was in high school and something went very wrong in a simple confrontation. At the time, we were simply scared and fed up with what was going on and we decided to take the bull by the horns. What happened next was something none of us but our own stupidity could have predicted. However, due to our street smarts, we were able to get away with it. During my light sentence, I decided to confide the truth to someone I trusted to no end, because I was feeling a little bit lost as to what to properly do. I sought advice, not action. In the end, that person betrayed my trust. I was devastated. Although he had good intentions, I trusted him like he was my brother and my father. Despite the face that he made the right choice, I couldn’t trust that person ever again.

Once that trust is broken, you never know what that other future could have become. Maybe that person and I could have gone on and built a powerful and effective organization together. What could have happened as a result of a deep trust is no longer even a consideration because that level of trust was not preserved.

Trust is never something to be taken lightly, regardless of the situation.


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  • March 14, 2011

    Colin Chau

    What you don’t know will never hurt you. Don’t dwell on it. Buy a diary, and make sure it has a lock and key. This is very personal and sentimental. I can’t see how it would apply to me.

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