Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au



Trust is arguably one of the hardest things to develop between human beings. Whether it is about believing in someone’s ability to carry on a task, or to trust them to keep a secret, it’s non-measurable due to the external factors. Believing in yourself and holding on to your own words are the fundamental basics of trust because having the ability to understand your limits allows you to make promises. However, how can you really see through one’s limits?

Measuring trust is perhaps the most subjective view one person can

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have against another. For those without prior or existing knowledge of someone, it is about first impressions or initial instincts. While these judgmental thoughts might be unfair, it is important for one to also learn not to easily trust someone. Being paranoid might be one way to word it, but being secure about everything you do in life is important. The fact that your agenda or position is released publicly might not affect yourself, but other people in the same boat as you might be affected.

Trusting people with your responsibilities is not easy. At the end of the day, all your responsibilities come back to yourself. That is why you need to be able to make right judgments when delegating tasks. You don’t exactly have to give out jobs to people that you trust the most, but be able to give it to the person that is best at what they do. Also, being able to evaluate people with a guideline set by yourself with certain attributes and morals allow one to be more fair at evaluating people. If you only evaluate people due to certain characteristics or attitudes that they show off, that is completely unfair.

When you lose trust from someone, gaining it back is twice as hard. While second chances should be permitted, when someone disbelieves you, they will always criticize your wrong doings and not give you the complete respect that you deserve. The juggling of trust, responsibility and evaluation happens in every day human interaction. It is important to remember your set guidelines, fairness and equality. There are people in this world that does not deserve the amount of trust you give them, on the other hand, there might be people that you have forgotten that you should hold much more faith to. Try to reevaluate your surroundings and from there, redefine what trust really means to you.



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