Written by Jenkin Au
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au



Over the course of a person’s life, they will most definitely learn lessons that they think are important and ones that aren’t important. The degree of importance varies between people and is difficult to instil the same lesson in multiple people because of this aspect. However, one of life’s greatest lessons is being true to your word, and in this case, it has to do with delivery.

Your friends, family, work, or even you will ask you to do things: help me do my homework, take out the garbage, complete this assignment, or you have to do this. While things that are requested of you are almost impossible, it is important to prioritize what’s really important and what’s not. Doing this task in itself might prove to be difficult as well – if you have a dozen important tasks, how do you decide which one is more important than the other? One of the ways is whether or not you have given your word to do it. Once you have given your word to commit, then you have to follow through. Working with different people of various competencies in multiple positions of authority gives people the greatest appreciation of deadlines, as well as the true understanding of dependency. You never know what it feels like to be depended on until you depend on someone – there is weight behind every request.

Understandably, not everything you commit to will be completed. There are some things that you commit to off the tip of your tongue, such as tasks that your mom assigns to you or things that you promised your friend. Once in a while is fine because that is just human nature. However, if it becomes a consistent fact, even after constant reminders, then a problem arises. This is something that almost no one can help you overcome – it is engrained in your personality and it requires true willpower to overcome. Whether or not you overcome this aspect will depend on your personal desire to move forward in life as a human being – the human being is designed to evolve from their current state to a better state.

The delivery of your word is a powerful aspect of your personality. It forms who you are, yet it is something that is able to change. Some people are born with this trait, while others need to learn and train their mind into this mindset. As difficult as it is, it is something that everyone needs to succeed in life – in today’s society, there is no way that you can possibly live your life without interacting and depending on other people. With a mindset that you can delay contact and responsibility because you failed to deliver only causes further negative impact on your dependents and your personal credibility. Once you delay your responsibility, you create a domino effect, causing multiple damage to parties further down the chain of command.

People, in the day where honour and pride was held the greatest, lived by their word and died by their word. Today, it seems like a person’s word is something that is so dispensable that they throw it left right and center. What happened to society that we have to experience such a degradation of something that should have been held with such high regard? Is it because society has allowed for leniency? Is it because when someone protects someone else’s interest, they take a morsel of the fibres that hold up the society in this regard? Whatever the reason, a serious degradation has descended upon us and I am scared about what tomorrow’s society will hold if we continue down this neglect for upholding personal values and their own personal integrity.




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