Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Ping Pong
Photography by Patrick Giang



Often times when one reaches celebrity status, not only do people that surround their immediate circle of friends gets noted, the hometown in which they grew up in also becomes immensely impacted upon this accomplishments of one individual.

This is not simply an act of individual sports players winning trophies for their city or Olympians being decorated with medals for their country – it is about individuals bringing about change and social progression.

People are interested in how others progressed and became who they are today. They wish to understand the significance of their childhood and how it led them to success. Cities that don’t have role models lack a sense of hope and this discourages people to follow their dreams due to their awareness of their dismal environment and surroundings. While some individuals might use this setback as fuel to power their dreams, many simply take in the truth and do not take the risk and initiative to become the first to step out of their city and bring the spotlight into their hometown.

Prosperous cities with high living standards tend to provide a route for people and allow them to grow up with an overall high level of education and income. Children who grow up in harsh and unpleasant conditions might have a higher chance in getting into trouble and harder for them to focus in school. The above are only stereotypical views that people argue. While there is a logical correlation between living standards and how people behave in different environments, it is still up to how the individual reacts to the situation. People from rich families could take their fortunate lives for granted because of having everything handed down to them. Children growing up with low income, and seeing how their parents work very hard to provide a living could motivate themselves to do better and change their future living conditions. It isn’t just living standards or the environment that makes people react differently in cities, it’s up to the perception of how the individual perceives it.

It’s the cultural significance in every different town in the world has to offer that allows human beings to grow in different environments and engage with people with a certain attitude. Whether you are a big city boy, or from a small town, put your city on your back and never forget where you come from. Believe in yourself even if you come from a city that is less prosperous, as it only takes one man to make a difference.




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