Stepping into the Future

Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Ping Pong
Photography by Patrick Giang



Foreseeing the future isn’t a superhero power. The ability to control your fate is directly in front of you. Taking into account all the factors that could alter the course that are you heading towards, even with the slightest goal-setting techniques, could allow one to envision their future and be able to step into it. There are too many people out there who simply allow their own futures to be controlled by external factors, meaning that they default on their choices, consequently missing out on limitless opportunities.

Being able to say that you have stepped into the future is also something very difficult to evaluate. While many people do set goals and envision their future, they are usually private and personal. Such people may be embarrassed to express their thoughts on their position in the world in the future, and may also experience pressure from peers who judge their ability to succeed at reaching their goals. However, pronouncing your goals not only allows you to prove that you have indeed created your own future; it also keeps you on track with many of the things in life that you promised yourself to deliver. This helps you bring out your confidence and bridge the gap between dreams and reality.

People who are able to see themselves in the future have a very special gift – one that can not only aid themselves but also other people around them in reaching their dreams as well. The ones that know how to step into the future go on to discover the potential and talents of other people. They can support and guide them in the right direction and give the necessary guidance to success. They do so in not providing a direct route, but by passing on their skill of envisioning the future, in a sense of sharing the powers of future telling which allows them to be confident in themselves, and in so, step into the future.

Throughout the elements of hip-hop, rappers often times proclaim and exaggerate enormously to increase the effectiveness of their punch lines. Street wear brands come out strong with heavy messages and rebellious ideals. DJs constantly aim to better themselves by increasing their musical knowledge. Break dancers train hard with their crew to

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earn respect and reputation in the community. At early stages of the game, it is all about envisioning the future. Pacing your steps in order to reach the position you want to reach in the years to come.

Whatever you are trying to do in life, set your foot into the future yourself; do not let the future control you.


stepping into the future

Stepping into the Future

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