Gateway of Trends

Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Kelvin Cheung
Photography by Kris Krug



When a certain trend hits the market, there seems to be gatekeepers out there who help the trend continue to grow and spread. This guardian of the gateway is perhaps better described as a wave controller. Individuals whom are the first to be affected by these trends become the reactors of these waves. Then follow companies and corporations; and shortly after: the masses. Whether the above follow the gateway or not affects the decisions of the gatekeepers. In the end, this determines the level and duration of the wave.

The gatekeepers are the ones who set and control trends. While some waves of trends do happen in an organic matter, there is a certain group of people that act as the gatekeepers. They help determine how much of a wave is to be created from the amount of work they undertake on their end. While gatekeepers let go of certain waves at certain times (it is up to their own discretion), often times they might not exactly know the affect of trends they set. This may be why careful observations of the reactors stimulated by the trend are crucial– it allows the gateway to operate effectively.

Gatekeepers in modern society have been transitioned from being million dollar companies to individuals. While established rich organizations still have the power to control certain trends, the ability of a trend to spark or fail could solely depend on a celebrity’s decision. Due to the large followings of artists through popular culture and mass media, celebrities head the gates by pouring out ideas and styles for the masses to react to. Just behind these creatives are media groups. The media becomes the reinforcements of the gates. The fact that a certain trend shows up on a certain website or magazine allows readers to either confirm the fact that the trend they are following is indeed legitimate; or if criticized, they will have second thoughts and have doubts about trend in question. This is why a celebrity working in tandem with a form of media can be much more successful in setting trends.

Trend waves starts in high frequencies– appearing everywhere: overplayed and overhyped. This is because when people are new to certain trends, it

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takes a higher frequency for them to be able to notice and react to them. Low frequencies of waves will always be present as certain styles and trends never go away. When the tides become high, trends become weak as too many trends at once weakens the overall agenda of a wave. With this

in mind, it is vital for the masses to carefully judge each wave being poured out by the gateway. Do not simply be a bystander and risk being simply washed up by trend after trend. Aim at the gatekeepers and be able to counter waves or set your own.


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