The Mask

Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Amie Nguyen
Photography by Kris Krug



When people are situated in different situations and environments, a different mask is worn. Whether or not this act is planned or natural, it is inarguably seen in all aspects of life. People know that they have to act differently when they are immersed in different situations. This act is not simply to fit in, but to play to cultural norms. While people wear different masks, it is important for people to not forget about their true inner self.

Wearing a different mask could allow you to interact with people differently, but that shouldn’t completely alter someone’s personality. Actors are prime examples of how masks are worn on and off from various roles. Their occupation is to be able to create a different persona for the characters in which they portray, but in real life, a man should stick to their true self while putting on appropriate masks to fit the situation.

The masks people in street culture portray shall be pure as only so does it exhibit the true essence of its lifestyle. While there are certain masks that anyone can put on, such as the apparent dress, slang, or attitude, the hidden traits of inner personality is what makes each person that lives through the elements of hip-hop unique. Hip-hop fanatics not only can see through masks, but even through the surface will they constantly furiously debate and heavily critique their actions.

How should one decide on how to alternate their masks? By occupations or environment? To decide how you should carry yourself in different settings could be a challenge if your inner-self changes constantly. Review how you act in different groups and how people react to your different masks in order to capture the positivity within each mask you wear. If you stay true to yourself, people will be able to see through your mask and treat you with the utmost respect.


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