Written by Jennifer Ku
Edited by Kelvin Cheung
Photography by Jenkin Au



Collaboration is often believed to be life changing and to have the ability to create a better world. It is not as easy as many of us think as partners, teammates or colleagues need to understand their goal and plan. This is the reason why many have failed in such valuable or life changing experiences. No matter what field you’re in, you need to embrace the benefits of cooperating with each other. Although these teammates may be competitors, they all have great experiences and perspectives that others don’t possess. A larger goal can be set when companies, and talents are willing to collaborate.

Many events and projects happen because of the power of teamwork. Regardless of whether it’s a small or a large sized project, it will end in a better result when people are willing to work together. Collaboration is a very useful but tricky strategic execution. Even in school, teachers and professors challenge students to work together. They are opportunities to share, to achieve and to learn.

When looking at large corporations nowadays, they own many of the businesses around the world. And many of them work together globally to make the world more sustainable and/or help with a relief or disaster. Many of them could be competitors such as Safeway, General Mills and other grocery store staples funded and worked together on a plan in creating a more sustainable global supply chain for the food industry. Even non-for-profit organizations such as GreenPeace that depends greatly on people who believe to expose global environmental problem utilize collaboration between their teammates and other competitors or suppliers.

Behind smart and successful collaboration, there is always the tricky end. Not all collaborations can be successful or merry. The key is to know where you stand and protect yourself. Learn how to communicate and not wait for communications to happen. Bring the team together instead of being the bossy one. Know what you are getting yourself into and don’t agree to everything. Of course, by the end of the day you would need to believe in the project, the teammate, the goal and yourself. Don’t get yourself into something that you don’t want to happen.




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