Infinite Marketing

Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Kelvin Cheung
Photography by Patrick Giang



With the current trend of technology and new media, marketing becomes a strenuous task not because of the difficulty of each task, but the amount of time one must allot for the world wide web can be argued as never ending. While traditional methods of marketing might require a huge amount of physical labour work, time has changed and the simplicity of spreading and connecting with others can be done at your finger tips.

User engagement ten years ago might require you to go out publicly and meet up with people whom are part of your target audience to increase interactivity. Nowadays, your presence online is much more efficient, because of its transparency and one simple interaction can lead to many with multiple individuals. Meanwhile this lacks a bit of personal touch, a simple message or status updates allow people around your circle to keep in touch with your brand. Street hustle in a sense has transferred to the digital world of codes and letters.

Multiple channels of interactivity become a burden as each channel requires its own sets of skills and methods of promotion. Mastering one social network is only good for so long before another emerges. Following the trend on an fast pace is required not only to solidify each potential channel of marketing, but also the ones that tend to become the pioneers of each system becomes not only native but also experts. This leads to the infinite amount of time one must put in, in order to market their brands but how is one even able to utilize so many different new technologies with only 24 hours in one day?

One of the answers to that solution is to be creative and experimental at the same time. Not everyone is fit for every new social media channel out there, and even with the slightest knowledge of each channel will give you an upper hand when you deal with competitors that do not understand the effectiveness of each. Every social media network created is successful for a reason, and being able to use all of it is good, but one can only be the king of the jungle for a few.

Incorporating your daily routine and personal life into these social media channels is also a strategy that will allow marketing seem natural and fun. While infinite marketing is an overwhelming task, if you are able to treat it as a hobby, it becomes much more accessible. Find ways to use these tools for personal benefits as well such as increasing interaction with close ones, and develop new relationships. Every individual is unique in their own way, and stepping into the digital internet frontier of infinite space requires the utmost level of patience and positive attitude to engage and interact.


Infinite Marketing

Infinite Marketing

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