Successful Pursuit

Written by Jenkin Au
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au



Success is what most people strive for and some form of success could mean the greatest amount of success and a life’s mission fulfilled for some other people. However, there are always the people who really do not make it to any form of success.

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Why is that? Were they lazy to the point where their skills were never developed or put to use? Or were they impatient and never waited for success to come?

For the lazy individuals, your failure is your own doing. What is incomprehensible is how some people can accept that as their reality and choose not to move forward from their current state. Failure is subjective – what one might consider as unsuccessful to another will seem to be highly successful. There is no real way to quantify and qualify what success is. Success is also something that changes and progresses with time, making it even more difficult to determine what is successful. However, if you review the position you’re in, ask yourself if you’re in a lower position than what most people in your society would say you should be in. So many people choose to accept their current reality as their reality – change is not something that passes you by once you reach a certain age. Change is always available and is waiting to be seized and utilized.

What about the people who become impatient with success? Success is very discriminatory in terms of when it comes around to people, if ever. There are so many talented people out there but they are so impatient that they don’t want to ride out a low point in their path to success. Success isn’t a straight path and experience. While pursuing on the road to success, you also become a more well rounded and diverse individual because of the skills you pick up along the way. Those with talent and doing what they are doing may have a long time to wait before success greets their door, but when it does, it is so much more deserving.

It is very disappointing to see so many people accept their current state as their status quo, and even more disappointing when you see people fall off their original path or goal due to their impatience. Your mind will play tricks on you and the words that only initially ate away at the surface eventually eats its way into your bones – those words of discouragement dig deeper and deeper, becoming stronger and stronger, urging you to leave what you’re doing and pursue a safer and more immediate path. Your resilience is tested to the maximum, especially when you get hit in the pockets time and time again. Yet, perseverance in your craft in necessary – the roots of your pursuit will most likely be bitter but the fruits are greater than sweetness alone.


successful pursuit

successful pursuit

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