Written by Jenkin Au and Alan Ng
Edited by Alan Ng
Photography by Jenkin Au



As an artist dedicated to his or her craft, inspiration is something that is not only rare, but it is also crucial to the continuity of their work. When an artist first starts off, they usually have a plethora of ideas at their disposal and while many of the ideas are not ones that can actually work out, many of the remainder continue on and become developed ideas. However, once these ideas are exhausted, where does an artist turn to gain new material?

If they are in a desperate state, they can turn to their discarded ideas and try to reclaim what is salvageable. From there, they start to produce mediocre results – results created out of haste and drawn from the b-bin. Their focus starts to wane and their productivity decreases significantly. If the artist is in a position to realize their current state, then change is on the way. However, with egos in the way of progression, the career-saving epiphany is often seen late or not at all.

After some time has passed, an artist may be willing to pack it in and change to another career. After all, they still need to eat. Still the artist perseveres and turns to their colleagues and what the industry is doing. From there, they don’t want to bite, but they continue to see innovation after innovation. The artists think to themselves: how can I do something similar but not the same? How can I capture that essence?

Amendment through one’s career is one critical yet essential part of life that many people face. This might not even be the fact that they aren’t successful with what they started off with, but they are not completely satisfied with where they see themselves in the future, or what they have become through the process of reaching that state of confusion. It is a complicating issue for one to go through during changes, but the outcome of one’s decision usually leads to a better, more focused direction in life.

Inspired by the works of others, the artist sets out to create works that they will be most known for, although it may not be at the end of their career. This leads to the start of a new path of an artist. While some might argue that he or she is simply throwing darts aimlessly, hoping one of them will work out, this artist is in fact going through a rediscover of their talents and crafts.

This happens quite often in the world of hip-hop. Often times, artists are able to cross their interest and are able to tap on other elements of hip-hop. This culture embraces people respecting the other elements, but it is important to understand that there is one should focus on your strengths, and only take in the other forms of expressions as an interest.

What is there to amend in your career? People fear changes, but perhaps, you have never actually changed, but have progressed through refined amendments.




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