Shoes of HYPE

Written by Jenkin Au
Edited by  Alan Ng
Photography by Jenkin Au



All too many times have we been let down by someone who filled the shoes of HYPE all too well. Whether you have looked up to or looked out for a musician, an artist, a writer… a hero, there are times when these people deliver subpar results when they were really HYPEd up to deliver something spectacular. Spectacularity, or sometimes HYPE, will be perceived differently by each person so could it be that the person who is delivering it perceived the HYPE in a subpar fashion?

No. Perception of HYPE is something that is expected from these people at the status they are at. Whether it is a veteran or a rookie, the reason why they were being looked up to or looked at is because they can perceive what HYPE is and create that HYPE. If the fact that they didn’t deliver to the HYPE is because of their inability to perceive the HYPE, then it could be that they failed at their job and there were some external factors to them being HYPEd up, thus false HYPE.

Some people may say that they need a little bit of time so that they can perceive what HYPE is, or develop their own HYPE and they need help to develop their HYPE in the time being. The HYPE which surrounds a particular person can be created by other people who associate with the person at question, but there always has to be a nucleus for these people to stick around. There has to be that initial spark, their true HYPE, in order for the momentum to build. Whether or not false HYPE was created is not important: the important fact is that they had this HYPE. Somehow, that HYPE was misunderstood or lost in translation somewhere along the journey and was transformed into a different HYPE. When the person shows their true HYPE, the disparity of what was expected and what was the result becomes a disappointment to the recipient.

We also sometimes encounter a problem with HYPE fallout. This happens when what the person delivered is what was expected, but for some reason, people don’t take a liking to it. Looking back at their previous works, it is similar in both quality and style, but people don’t stick to that item. Could it be that it was too similar? Could it be that people were expecting something so much farther beyond what they used to put out? It’s too hard to say.

The justalilhype! Crew always asks the same question at the end of all our interviews: What is HYPE? Sometimes, the people we ask answer immediately, as if it was the question they were meant to answer. Some people take days, even weeks to answer this question, as if this was the question they were meant to answer, but wanted to get it right. Regardless of who answers the question, we seem to get similar answers across the board and whether positive or negative, they all make a point. Whether or not you believe that point depends on what your perception of HYPE is.


Shoes of HYPE

Shoes of HYPE

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