Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au



Information nowadays literally travels as fast as the speed of light. It is important for one to be able to distinguish between facts that are time sensitive, and information that are timeless. Understanding the above as a participant of street culture is highly important as it allows one to not be able to review current trends, but be able to forecast, and even determine upcoming trends.

Time sensitive information is crucial to news reporters and bloggers because news channels are highly competitive in its nature to deliver information faster than others. If there is a delay in reporting a certain new product or relevant updates within a particular industry, then the source is seen as less superior than others due to their lack of reporting in a timely matter. News reporters and bloggers must be able to keep up with the flow of information, as even being a few hours slow could result in not gaining as much traffic and hits.

Timeless information in many ways are much more prestigious. It is a source where people will refer to in the years to come. Historical documents, reports or critiques are articles that are able to continually attract traffic in the long run. The importance of being timeless increases the validity of the article. Through allocating research time and participating as a first-hand observer in the information gathering process permits one to accurately create content that is deemed creditable.

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be both timeless and time sensitive? This depends on the medium that it is allocated in. While classification happens early at the start, timeless information is displayed through a timeless medium. Print material such as books, encyclopaedias, and magazines are information that will always be there because of their physical presence. That being said, websites that are designed in a way where the ordering process does not affect the viewing experience also enhances the timeless aspect of an article.

Creating timeless articles out of time sensitive information is indeed possible. In a culture where new updates, rumours, gossips, products are introduced every few hours. It is important to understand how to be a curator and guidance of information to control how trends are set.




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