Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Patrick Giang



Not going past the goals you aimed for is something that many cannot follow because of their strong ambitions. That is perhaps why humble leaders are often times more successful because even though they are ambitious, they understand their goals and would not step too far over the line of victory.  While hip-hop icons and successfully participants of street culture are subjected to carry a certain degree of pride, it can also be subtle. There is a difference of being cocky, and being able to respect the people around you for recognizing your success.


Victories are good, but people become out of reach of their initial goals. Being modest is important because it keeps you grounded. Like any artists, succeeding one’s goal is important, but be able to pace your success that you are also in control. Many hip-hop artists blow up too quickly, and forget the reason why they started rapping at the first place. DJs could become too popular and start playing for the crowds instead of playing for the love of music. Dancers that have achieved certain popularity sometimes would leave their original bboy crews, and forget the essence of a crew. The bottom line is to be humble, and always reflect on your accounts of success and learn from it. People always say learn from your failures, but learning from successes is also important because success could make people lose balance.


There is nothing more intoxicating than victory, and nothing more dangerous. People that are really good at what they do, need to remember that they have to be careful about celebrating victorious battles, and not let their strong ego blur or distort their visions.


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