Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au



In this era of remix culture, recycling is a common technique used by artists to recreate art. To some extent, it poses a threat to art due to the simplicity of using existing work, and it also lead to copyright and ownership issues. Recycling can also be positive, a process where art consistently progresses.

Through different aspects of street culture and hip-hop, various methods of recycling are often used. Understanding how recycling works across various elements of hip-hop can explain how proper usage of recycling techniques can have a great effect in the progression of art and culture.

For music, sampling is a big part of the creative production. A producer has the ability to recreate new hits by using classics. An illustrator can create art with layers of imagination with copy and paste techniques. For DJs, it is essential that they have a vast knowledge of one particular genre of music in order to have fuel to spin for the entire night. Breakdancing is also about progressing, challenging oneself to execute more creative moves than the past. Hip-hop is inarguably part of this remix culture.

How to select what to recycle is probably the greatest challenge. With the internet, there is a vast amount of work to access out there. Everyone is also equal in a sense that the database is free for all. Instead of recycling something mindlessly, it is important to know what you are aiming at. Knowing how you can incorporate your own style is critical during the recycling process to be able to turn great work into your own masterpiece.



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