stepping back

Written by Jenkin Au
Edited by Alan Ng
Photography by Jenkin Au



Sometimes, when you are hit with a wave of creativity, you become consumed by the idea and passion that you have created in your mind. You strive to bring it to life, as if it’s a life form on its own. Nothing can bring you off of that path because you are so convinced that the idea is a great idea and it will affect so many people. Perhaps one of the driving factors is that it is a representative of who you are and what you stand for, whether on the surface or subconsciously.

Regardless of what the driver may be, there comes a point in time when the passion starts to diminish. You may stay headstrong and stubborn and deny the fact that your passion might be waning but it’s important to realize it before it’s too late. At that point in time, you can take a step back in order for you to get back on track. If not, you might fall into a hole where you continue to fall deeper and deeper, getting out of focus on what you first started off doing.

It may be difficult to pull yourself back from the front lines of your creation. Every bit of you is urging forward, wanting to achieve more and more. But before you know it, the work you’re creating gradually degrades in quality. Before you know it, you’re recycling but not recreating at the same time. Topics that you’ve written on, lyrics you’ve sang, tunes you’ve played, and pictures you’ve drawn – they may look slightly different on the surface, but they all carry the same essence.

There also might come a point in time where you have to work after work. Your passion may or may not have the ability to put food on the table and when that happens, you need to find something that does. Working after work can be one of the most draining things in the world, especially if your job requires creative thinking. It’s hard not to pursue something related to what you do best and your passion often falls within the same scope. As a result, you get taxed for ideas and strategies, draining yourself to the max.

It’s important to note the significance of stepping back and relaxing, away from what you do. A vacation may seem like you’re slacking off and not staying true to your craft, but you really are being more beneficial when you take it when needed most. Think about this to yourself: are you burnt out?


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