Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Jenkin Au



Permanent marks left in your life could be physical or emotional. Scars are also a reflection of an accumulation of one’s life experiences.  It is important to reflect upon on a person’s mistakes in order to grow and progress. While many people leave scars behind or try to ignore them, it is important to know the importance of recalling mistakes.

Permanent scars such as injuries can be evidently displayed, but what about emotional scars that are hidden? That is probably what earns veterans or our older generation respect and acknowledgement, as we know that they have endured a life long journey of experiences.

In hip-hop, a horrible album or song by an artist will be forever recalled when critiques or reviews are conducted on a certain artist. This does put pressure on artists in terms of limiting their creative boundaries, but it is crucial for them to learn how to step out of this constraint and attempt new sounds. Scars don’t kill you, but they can only make you stronger. The ability to recover from a downfall on, and raising up after is an testimony of a musician for genuine success.

There are many people out there that have a tendency to keep their mouths shut, face covered, and try to keep their scars and disappointed experiences concealed. How is someone going to face the future without conquering his or her past? It is important to not only be able to comprehend the errors in your past, but apply wisdom learnt to your future. Remember that ignorance is not an option.


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