Written by Alan Ng
Edited by Jenkin Au
Photography by Kris Krug



Life is about time and timing. People always complain about one’s luck, but how can you rant about something that is not even measurable? Time is consistent and while people live according to time, there are always methods to play around the clock, especially in terms of timing.

One simple idea of better using your time is managing time more effectively. People nowadays have developed new sleep-cycle strategies to aid them in recovering from long hours of work, which allow people to stay healthy and sleep less. Power naps are more common, and with the aid of caffeine, staying awake for a longer period of time isn’t too much of a challenge today.

Talking about time measurement in duration of minutes and seconds is not enough because even if you work for long hours, you might not be able to achieve your goals. On the other hand, being able to measure and predict timing can aid you sufficiently. In the world of street culture, the timing for breaking dancers to execute a move, the right time to drop a track in a club for a DJ, or the right time to start the next verse for a rapper demonstrates how much of a difference it makes when the timing is correct. Aside from being efficient in the usage of your time, being able to predict timings is extremely important for success.

Evidently, this is seen in economics and finance, but also in trends. Trends are dynamic and always run in timings, for fashion brands and street wear labels, being able to time a season launch, or being able to drop a specific style of product is extremely important in assuring that your product launch will be in demand.

Stop for a second, and start thinking to plan your timings, instead of time.


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