Chasing Mood Season Two Cast Interview

The Chasing Mood comedy web series season two is about to launch, and the justalilhype! Crew got a chance to catch up with the Curtis Lum and Brendon Bertolini to talk about this highly anticipated follow-up series. Starting on March 29, 2011, there will be a new episode airing online every Tuesday, with a total of eight hard-hitting episodes. Along with the chat we had with the comedic actors, we also took a few photos with them in their goofiest look. Stay tuned as we will be also attending their Chasing Mood Launch Party on Tuesday March 22, at the Cinema Public House on 901 Granville Street. Visit here for more information on the event. Attached below is their newly released extended trailer, along with the brief interview with the cast.


Introduce yourself to our readers.

C: I am Curtis Lum

B: I am Brendon Bertolini.

C: That’s Bertolini.

B: Like the pasta.

Tell us a little more about the Chasing Mood project.

C: Chasing Mood is a web series about two guys that are simply trying to find themselves in this crazy world we live in – Vancouver, British Columbia.

B: It’s just a show and tell of everyday scenario without the ordinary every day people. It’s a combination of real life events turned really really strange.

How did this project come to be? I know part of the story is about how you guys trying to put together a web series – is that how the Chasing Mood project got started?

C: Kind of, but not really. How it actually came to together was the story of how I met Brendon. It was through the Chasing Mood creator, Les Birch. We met during the time when we went to my film festival premiere at Whistler. Basically we were at a hotel room together, and the entire trip, there was just so much comedy in the room between me, Birch and Les that he was like “Holy shit, I have to put the both of you together in a show.” At the time we were both starting off as actors, and thought what better than to document your trails and your road in becoming actors or whatever. That’s kind of how it took off.

B: The show is kind of like trail and error of different themes. We had a lot of mini projects before hand like small things here and there that Curtis and I shot separately with Les. It just happened naturally and we all got together as a team.

Tell us a little more about the characters that you portray in the series.

B: I play a really weird bastard version of myself. I am actually not that insane in real life. My character is very changed up from the first. In season two, he’s back from 100 mile house, I could best describe it as a Vietnam war hero coming back after being emotional scared of seeing his friends’ heads blow off or something. So he’s just very hateful and spiteful of life after coming back to Vancouver.

C: I play Curtis Lum who is an ultra slick, ultra sexy Chinaman.

Typically in series or films, people usually play a different character. Do you guys feel weird playing yourselves?

B: Personally, I don’t feel like I am playing myself, which is wicked. The name’s the same and a sense of myself is the same, but the character, we have taken the time to set and establish a type of character for the show, so it feels very different than who I am as a person.

Do you think that is to make it more marketable and relatable to the audience?

B: It makes it interesting right? You got to make a little zing on things to make people want to watch it. Especially with comedy drama series, it has to be out of the norm.

C: For me, it’s all fun. It’s interesting for me to play this side of myself, and I think that kind of transcends to the screen, it keeps people interested as well. We just have fun with it. It’s a side of me, that’s been enhanced a thousand times. It is definitely still acting, if that’s what you are trying to get at.

In comparing Season One and Season Two, what’s the difference in production and also the cast?

C: Season two we have an amazing supporting cast this time around. Not only that, but we actually give you a taste of where all the characters come from, instead of where in season one where the characters just come and go, this time around there’s an actual family, similar to say Seinfeld or Entourage. The production level has gone up ten-fold. This time around, we have a bigger film crew. The first season was literally either one of us, and a cameraman. We would just be running around, “Go go go!” or like, “Oh cops just went, let’s go!”, you know what I mean? This time around there’s an actual film set, film crew, and a little bit of catering, from T&T, just kidding. It’s still got that same enduring vibe of season one, but it’s an actual show now, and that’s the best way I can explain it. There’s a real on-going story behind it, it’s scripted this time. Season one was mostly improve, we were given outlines of the beginning of the shoot date, whereas this time around we had a little bit of writing from Les Birch, which was incredible.

As a web series, what are you guys looking to achieve? With this season and series as a whole? Different mediums have their different objectives. What are you guys trying to achieve out of this? I know that financial goals might not be the ultimate goal for you guys.

B: I just like to see the show getting out there. Getting watched, people enjoying it. I get a sense of enjoyment when people watch the show and laugh their ass off. When I see that, not only is that a huge sense of self-accomplishment but also the sense as we as a team can put out a product being appreciated in so many different levels. So that’s my personal kind of what I would like to see what to come out of it

C: Like you said, financially it’s not- I wouldn’t say it’s the ultimate goal.  You know, success financially is always an added bonus but getting this show out, and been seen as many viewers as possible – eventually I would like to start winning some awards for this show. The Streamy Awards, which is the online Oscars, but really, this is a great way for us to create opportunity and inspiration. I think on the road from season one and two, we have definitely inspired a lot of individuals to really just grab the bull by the horn and do their own thing, which is totally gratifying for me to see.

How did you fit the city of Vancouver into the Chasing Mood series?

B: I think just the general surroundings of Vancouver. You know, our city have some pretty serious landmarks.  When you see a certain land mark in the city, you know where you are.

A lot times, shows might be misinterpret by people. For yourselves, what category would you fit the series as a whole?

C: First and foremost, it’s a 100% comedic series. We take a lot of real life scenarios and we inflame it a little bit, which is funny at the end of the day. I think everything else kind of falls after, whether it’s action, sci-fi, drama. It’s a 100% Canadian comedic series.

What’s one episode that you think viewers should look out for?

B: I am going to say the first. You got to see the first if you want to see the rest. The first episode of season two ties in everything, ties in the first season of what’s happening, and what’s going to happen for the rest of the season. It’s kind of like the essential piece. You don’t read Lord of the Rings before without reading the Fellowship first.

C: It sets the tone for the entire season for sure. Actually, truth be told, season three which is defiantly on its way, was written before the second season. So this entire season two was put together to actually bridge the gap between the first and the third. Yes, definitely, you have to watch the first one or two episode to see how all the characters come together.

March 22, 2011 is your highly anticipated red-carpet launch party for Chasing Moods Season Two, please elaborate on this event.

C: It’s going to be something that we have been working for in the last two or three years. It’s a celebration of all of the wonderful cast and crew, all of our supports that we have been blessed with for the last little while. This is our way to giving back to the community, and again, all of our supporters and showing our appreciation. It’s a red-carpeted event; there will be a lot of local notables that may be in attendance. It’s going to be a night of schmoozing, and taking pictures. At the same time, we will also be special screening our first two episodes, so very exciting. Everyone is in attendance is literally going to be the first to exclusively see our work. It’s very exciting.

B: Tuesday will be the first night that alcohol touches these virgin lips. No, it’s going to be cool where we can all get together instead of concentrating on working and getting the show out, we can just socialize and enjoy this company.

C: Take this however you want, but this is also an event put together to land him some pussy. Lots of it!

B: I am getting tired of hookers.

(Everyone laughs.)