DJ Flipout Meet Up

The justalilhype! Crew caught up with the recent Red Bull 3 Style 2010 Competition Winner DJ Flipout at Starbucks. He took his time off from watching the Grammys to drop us off with his past creations with Jay Swing – “ELEMENTS” Magazine. The shit was so epic that it was mainly hand made. No photoshop , adobe bullshit. THANKS PHIL. WE ARE GOING TO READ ALL OF THEM AND TAKE WHAT WE LEARN INTO CRAFTING THE SICKEST JUSTALILHYPE! PRINT VERSION. On another note, Straight Goods Radio, which aires every Friday night on TheBeat recently got┬ácanceled. Flipout told us that it’s still going to continue online, which is good. But seriously, fuck the┬ácancellation.