Emily Wan at Our Lady Peace

justalilhype! Contributor Emily Wan attended Our Lady Peace at the O Zone on Feb 18th. Read about what she has to say about the linesups, crowds, swag, gear, The Arkells, and how the concert went overall. Hit the jump for the full read with photos.

Lineups and Crowds
If there is one thing about anything related to the Olympics – there is a lineup involved. I expected that Ozone was no different. And really – lineups are part of the experience. But – surprise! No lines! We did get there super early at 7pm though and caught the end of the Canada/Switzerland hockey game on the big screens. They broadcasted the men’s figure skating program while the crowd got bigger and bigger around the mainstage. Canada’s favorite 19 year old Patrick Chan unfortunately did not get a medal.

Swag and Gear
The energy was great underneath the floodlights and clear starry sky in Minoru Park. I engaged in some Olympic/Canada gear envy during this time. By this time, I have been in enough Olympic events to be able to clock and price every piece of Olympic gear. Lumberjack scarves. Quatchi toques. Red mittens – everyone’s favorite gateway Olympic item $10 at The Bay or Zellers – when they actually have stock available. Who hasn’t caved, jumped on the bandwagon and bought something at this point? We saw a girl with a lumpy-looking knitted Canadian flag sweater with a lopsided maple leaf. Homemade – major points for originality. There was the BCLC, Coke and CTV tents where you can score some free swag if you have the stamina to line up for them.

Typical Canadiana: The Arkells

The Arkells opened first. I have not heard their music before, so no expectations, but I couldn’t get into any of their songs. Kind of a blur. Harmonica. Lead singer was wearing a Olympic toque. Homestyle Canadian rock.

“You, looked at me as you walked into the room, like the Red Sea you split me open”

Our Lady Peace finally came on – Raine Maida (lead singer) has a charisma that was an instant uplift from the Arkells lead. He shouted out to the crowd – “You know why
Vancouver deserves to hold the Olympics? When we were on the road down from Whistler we saw a sign that says ‘Vancouver is a nuclear-free zone’. That is pretty f-ing awesome.”
His vocals was laid back, but smooth and distinctive. They took off with favorites like “Superman is Dead” and “Innocent”. All to the delight of the crowd  – judging from the moshpit action. They transitioned into slower songs – all my favorites – “Somewhere Out There”, “I Loved You All Along” annnnnnd “All You Did Was Save My Life”. Yes OLP – my life is complete!

It isn’t a concert without…
Condom balloons and crowd surfing. Someone thought it would be a great idea to blow up condoms and toss it up – at one point there were 3 or 4 in the air. There wasn’t an encore because city by-laws required shows to be complete by 11pm. But still – good show and a great night! Originally we had planned to get into Heineken House, but we had to nix any hopes since it was a 4-5 hour wait. Canadians have Our Lady Peace, but clearly, the Dutch have all the fun – when is a Molson House when you need it?!