JayKin x justalilhype! – Sneakers and Video Games

After the long anticipation, JayKin has finally released his latest mixtape project titled Sneakers and Video Games. The featured artists in the mixtape includes D-City, Donna B, Paul Skratch, Jeff Spec, and District 36, all of which are part of a heavy-weight lineup of talents of Vancouver’s hip-hop scene. The list of the producers involved with the mixtapes includes Hero, C-Infamous, D-Smooth, Beatsme, Deli, Lo Keynote, Ess, and The Mets. As introduced by the man himself, Sneakers and Video Games is a different approach to music than his previous works. He labels it as being a more personal project as he is shedding light upon his life through a sneakers and video games inspired theme, two interests of his life that has helped shape who he is today.  JayKin tells us that through taking time off after On The Humble‘s release in 2009, traveling and meeting new people have opened up his mind. JayKin also told us that this fun project is something that he had to release, and if you listen carefully and compare it with his past works, you can definitely see that he had taken a big step on the overall thought pattern in the creation process of this mixtape. He has taken a different approach in executing his music while still utilizing his skills as a rapper honed throughout the years. Sneakers and Video Games is not only a mixtape exhibiting JayKin’s latest progression as an artist, but through the hours, money and hard work along with the amount of creative thinking that he has placed in this project, it’s a mixtape that no one should pass on.

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With this mixtape, JayKin adds another sniper bullet to his content arsenal. Quickly on the rise within Vancouver and making a lot of noise outside of the Vancouver scene, JayKin has been hard on the grind to finish this project of his. Sneakers and Video Games features a wide variety of different sounds, including sounds from original games and their 8-bit hosts. One of the most captivating songs on the mixtape is “Galaga”, derived from the arcade space shooter game, Galaga. This song is a collaborative effort with D-City and has powerful lyrics, sounds, and hooks. This song is a definite favourite of the Crew.

The first single off this mixtape is “Home”, a track with hip-hop duo D-City, turntablist Paul Skratch and singer Donna B. This was pre-released a month back and it speaks about their home place. It is tracks like this and V.A.N. that reinforce JayKin’s message about their home and bringing it home. As you can already tell, this mixtape is quite a personal project with all the topics and sounds being close to what JayKin is feeling.

“Shorty”, the next single off the mixtape, reinforces this personal aspect of the mixtape. This song touches on various topics revolving around a relationship and speaks generally about how she chases after a lifestyle without knowing the reason for the chase. He tells us to look forward for his video for “Shorty” which will help illustrate the interpretation of the song.

With songs like “Driven Part 2” and “On My Feet Part 2”, JayKin touches on more of his personal side. “Driven Part 2” is now the third addition to all the “Driven” songs that he has, including “Driven” and “Driven Remix” from his past mixtape. “On My Feet Part 2” is an effort with hip-hop artist Jeff Spec, branching off Jeff’s original mixtape “On My Feet”.

JayKin finishes the whole mixtape with the 8 Bit Into/Outro at the beginning and end of the song. As these songs start off, the sounds may seem strange, but it has successfully outlined and helped introduce the video game inspired tracks that is seen throughout many of the tracks. The Intro is instrumental but the Outro features JayKin’s lyrics.

The mixtape has exceeded our expectations and it’s good to see another Vancouver hip-hop artist experimenting with a different style and going out of the box creatively to not only draw a new fan-base, but taking a challenge to rap over 8-Bit instrumentals. JayKin pushes the limits of an artist as he has done a lot that he doesn’t usually do which includes executing vocals, utilizing the Japanese language, and working with new producers. JayKin didn’t let us down and his next project is just around the corner. Before Kinfolk, there’s another surprise project in between and stay tuned to justalilhype! for the latest information about Vancity’s Nicest.

JayKin – Sneakers and Video Games


1) 8 Bit Intro
2) Sneakers And Video Games
3) In The Sky
4) Shorty
5) MegaKin
6) Galaga ft. D-City
7) Japan Love (Interlude)
8) Get It In
9) Driven Part 2
10) Home ft. D-City, Donna B & Paul Skratch
11) V.A.N.
12) On My Feet Part 2 ft. Jeff Spec, District 36
13) 8 Bit Outro
Bonus: Eyes Wide Shut