Jay Park in Vancouver

The justalilhype! Crew got a chance to briefly talk to Jay Park (Park Jaebeom) also know as the former leader of Korean group, 2PM. He attended the Battle of T.N.G: Just Battle, as a contestant with his current b-boy crew: Art of Movement. We introduced the magazine to him, and also got a few shots of him throughout the event. Even though he was reluctant to shoot still shots with fans until the end of event, he was friendly nevertheless and talked to many of his female admirers throughout the event. As much of a superstar he was back in Korea, he kept a low-key presence and treated all other b-boys of the event with respect and enjoyed himself throughout the event. Although Art of Movement didn’t win the finals, their performance was one of the most anticipated portion of the night. Out of the A.O.M crew, Jay was the first to show his moves. During his performance, not only did we hear a high level of abundant cheering and screaming from his female-fans, but he was also to exemplify his skills as a b-boy, and proved to the world that he has never left the scene as being an artist. A week ago, he actually released a video on YouTube out of his own time and performed a cover of “Nothing On You“. With the recent reappearance of the video and his visit to Vancouver for a break battle, Jay Park makes people wonder what is next for this multi-talented young individual that has once stepped upon the spotlight of the Korea entertainment industry and now resides in Seattle where he is focusing on breakdancing with his crew: Art of Movement.

  • Beth

    Awww, thanks for sharing those photos and writing a brief account of the battle!

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    Thanks for the review and pictures!
    AOM did awesome :)
    Jay Park is LOVE.

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    Thanks for posting this. You are really lucky you got to talk to him. I would faint if I ever got that chance

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    Go jay and AOM !!!

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    Thanks for sharing these! I learned a lot about B-Boying due to Jay and I ENJOYED WATCHING ALL OF THEM AND CHEERS FOR ENERGY AND PASSION ALL OF YOU CREATED. JAY FORVER!!

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    Thank you for your posting.

    Let’s fly A.O.M and ma Jay!!!!!!
    with love. ??

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    I know him.
    He’s YuTube star. ^^
    I think he has an attractive voice.

    Good luck to Jay and A.O.M~~~

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    thanks for sharing the photos and your interest toward JAY :)
    he is dope! rock him!!

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    and I’d love to hear more about him :D

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    this boy has amazing talents!!!!!!!!!!!
    check his youtube video!!!!!!!!
    I love you jay!!!!!!!!!

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    Go for it!!!

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    go Jay !
    go AOM !

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    Please keep paying attention on Jay.
    He will bring something really special to us !

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    thank you very much for the pics!
    AOM is awesome and Jay Park is maaaad talented

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    Thank you for sharing the nice article and photos. He deserves being loved.

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    Thank you so much..we love Jay too…Thai fans

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    AOM is the best

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    sounds like he is a real star..
    his awesome. thanks for posting photos and nice reviews on him

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    Could you be the photographer that asked me if I myself was a photographer? haha niceee.

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    Nice to know something about Jay. :)

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