Local604 Cut and Sew + Updates

The justalilhype! Crew caught up with Jon Ayer, frontman for Local604. Jon has been very busy lately with his very own cut and sew line with Local604 and just released it over the weekend.

The new Local604 cut and sew sweater features some unique properties, uncommon with most sweaters. What makes this sweater unique is primarily the hood, which is a layered hood, overlapping at the front. Lined with satin, it definitely makes this sweater a comfortable fit. Also lined with satin are the pockets which are on the side rather than the front. Finally, on the front of this black sweater is a small embroidery in white with the words “Made in Vancouver, Local604”.

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At his loft, we asked Jon a few questions about his new line and some of the updates to come, including his new website.

Hey, Jon, you told me you were changing your website…

Yeah, so this is the look of the website – it’s very clean and it’s very black and white. There are some colours but it’s very minimal. We will also be launching the new aspect – it will still be Local604 but it will be Local604 Design. It will only be cut and sew stuff and people can come to me and we’ll develop the product for them, including samples.

Will you be sticking with the name “Local604”?

It’s going to be Local604 by Jon Ayer. That’s going to be the new aspect that we will run. We’ll see how that goes because the feedback we’ve been getting on the new cut and sew stuff is great. Hopefully, this new website will be out by the 30th of June.

How well has new cut and sew been selling so far?

It’s been good. It’s been two days since I’ve had it and there have been many delays at the factory; I had to go in myself and help cut. But, when you want to get things done, you got to get your hands dirty. The feedback has been really good and the difficult part right now is the price point. Before, I’ve been doing all blanks but now, I’m doing cut and sew and it’s a lot higher quality. Obviously, it’s going to be more (price wise) but I’ve got to find the happy medium where people are happy to pay, say, $80 for a sweatshirt.

Definitely. Now, looking at the website, this is the second time that you’ve needed to change the website. Why is that?

Branding. The image of the new apparel has to match the website. If I used this stuff and put it on the old website, it would downplay the cut and sew look. This new website is going to really play well with the look and feel of the line and be really cohesive for the brand.

Will the URL change?

That’s a long story. I’ve had a lot of difficulties with the website because I don’t own them, someone else does. It’s a long story and I’m not going to get into it. For the first little bit, it’s going to be a redirect from Local604.com to the new site.

Before, the line was really street and raw. Now you’ve transitioned to something that’s less…street, I would say. Was this intentional from the start?

Yes. I had to do what I did to get where I am now. I had to make the standard tees and looks to get to where I am. When I first started Local604 years ago, this was the image that I had for it. It has taken that amount of time to get the money to this now. From now on, this is what you can expect from Local604 all the time.

What is your next line going to be and when is it dropping?

It will be dropping next year but that doesn’t mean we won’t be making stuff – it will just be different colour-ways of the stuff we have now. Next spring, we’re going to be doing shorts, jackets and stuff like that. It’s going to be a busy year.