Local604 Pop Up Shop Visit

The justalilhype! visited the Local604 Pop Up Shop and checked out the new collection of the “Local604 Does It Better” t-shirts and sweaters. The re-release of this design not only featured a total of 8 colours, but it’s design was also updated. The font was revamped to become larger this time and vibrant colours such as red and blue was used. We caught up with Jon, the founder of Local604 and he got a chance to talk to us about his upcoming cut and sew colllection. The Mothas Magik Apparel crew was there as well and they also showed us their latest drop. Be sure to keep your heads up for more Local604 Pop Up Shops to come in various parts of the city.

  • http://neilb.catwitter.com/canuckfan21 Neil

    Nice!!! More local clothing shops, repping Vancity. Can’t go wrong with that!