SonReal Light Year Mixtape Project

The justalilhype! Crew caught up with SonReal and discussed on his upcoming project titled “The Light Year Mixtape”. After the success of his first two albums, “Good Morning” and “The Stroll”, this rising Vancity hip hop artist is back in the scene with new material. This project is not only said to be a niceĀ compilationĀ of new sounds and strong lyrics, it’s also a gift that SonReal wants to give back to his fans for their continous support. The Light Year Mixtape depicts on the artist’s passionate attitude in the game, as it is a full mixtape created within a short time span of 2 months with a lot of new music that is said to be better than the rest of his past releases. The first single he releases comes with a music video trailer directed by Dane Collision titled “Here We Are”. It is a song that shares the message that everyone is in the world for a reason and it’s up to yourself to not hold back and follow your dreams. Hit the jump for the short interview about the project and we hope you enjoy the newly released trailer.

SonReal, tell us a bit about your upcoming Light Year Mixtape.

It’s a free online mixtape we’ve been putting together for the past 3 months. It’s real big tape man, a lot of original material on there as well as some dubs. It’s by far my most diverse, heavy hitting project yet and it’s been a real enjoyable project to be working on.

What can your fans expect differently from the Light Year mixtape compared to your past complications? Is there a different approach in terms of the music style portrayed throughout the new songs in this project?

Yes definitely. This project has a completely different aim. It’s meant to catch your eye and draw your attention, so my attitude and concepts in the songs reflect that. It’s not really like I got something to prove or anything, just approaching the industry with a lot more upfront swagger saying what I’m about and what not. We have everything on this mixtape.

The new single “Here We Are” was recently released as the trailer for the new mixtape and it was shot in Vancouver. Since the video was shot in Vancouver’s Eastside and Downtown, the scenes in the video portrays a variation of different environments that represents our city. What’s the thematic of this trailer?

There’s no heavy theme really. I’ve always lived in East Van. It’s a buzz video clip we are using to promote the release of The Light Year Mixtape. It’s coming out everywhere online this spring and we have been trying to come up with unique ways of promoting the project. We thought doing a music video teaser in strict promotion of the record would be a cool way to gain some buzz and leave people anticipating the mixtape.

It seems like one of the reasons for this Light Year Mixtape project was a way for you to give back to your fans. As mentioned by you earlier, this mixture is very diverse and heavy hitting. Does this hint even more of a bigger production that’s going to spark next from this project? Would you say this project is a milestone for your future album?

You always have good questions homie! Haha, yes… I’ve done 2 records now that may fans have been paying for, and we thought it was time to give back to them and capture new fans with a free drop. This is definitely a milestone in my career because of the quality of music I’ve put out for this mixtape. For it being free and all, it will reach a much wider audience. We are just going to keep taking it there man, my next project will always be bigger then the last. That’s how I work.

Thanks for keeping us updated with your latest project. The anticipation of this project is definitely something for all of us to look forward to and justalilhype! will definitely be one of the first staples for the release of this mixtape. Any last words?

Just a big shout out to Dane Collison and Byron Wilson for doing the video trailer, all my fans and everyone at GoodLife inc.

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