SonReal – The Lightyear Mixtape

SonReal – Smile ft Angela McLuskey


After giving a few more listens, the justalilhype! Crew is impressed with SonReal’s lastest peice of lyrical weaponry, The Lightyear Mixtape. The album art features SonReal with many different aspects of music, which relates a lot to one of his tracks, “I Tried”, where SonReal spits about him trying to do this and that and be him or him. Overall, this mixtape features a lot of music that is perfect for a chill day strolling through the streets, probably on foot. I say this because while you’re on foot, you are never just one mood from start to finish. Your mind starts to think about a whole lot of different things and the diversity of this mixtape amplifies that aspect. It features a lot of different samples from new and old tunes and incorporated with SonReal’s flow, it is a really a fresh taste to the music scene.

Throughout this mixtape, SonReal also demonstrates his versatile ability to perform superb vocal parts and is able to creatively take his own approach on popular beats. His choice of lyrics flowed well in “Gotta Go Home”, where he sings and raps all by himself over B.o.B’s “Nothing On You”. On the track “Blind To You”, he combats speed on a upbeat tempo song “Memories” by David Guetta feating Kid Cudi.

The justalilhype! Crew’s pick of The Lightyear Mixtape is “Smile” where SonReal was able to not only sing slowly along with Angela McLuskey, but he was also able to speed up in distinguishable parts throughout the song emotionally. This track features SonReal singing in a significantly higher pitch, which for this song is definitely not a bad thing. It compliments Agnela’s beautiful voice very well and fortifies the overall mood of the song. Moreover, this track was great in terms of production with many ambient sounds in the background, evoking emotions of joy and sorrow.

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This diverse mixtape has riffs with guitars and keyboards and lines from artists such as Rich Kidd, JayKin, and Angela McLuskey. Whether it’s slow or fast, singing or rapping, SonReal might as well have made this into an album. Throughout the mixtape are sounds that may sound familiar to a fan as sounds from his previous albums are floating around on some of the tracks.

This mixtape is available for free download here. For those who haven’t seen it in our prior interview about this mixtape, enjoy the “Lightyear Mixtape Trailer” music video shot in Vancouver below, where SonReal reps his limited justalilhype! Button proudly.



01 – This Far (Intro)
02 – Already There Ft. Rich Kidd
03 – I Tried
04 – Whirl Pool
05 – Bonkers
06 – Gotta Go Home
07 – Hi & Bye
08 – Mr. Nothing
09 – Million Freestyle
10 – Victim Teen
11 – People Asking
12 – To The Stars (interlude)
13 – Blind To You
14 – Here We Are Ft. Jaykin
15 – Digital Brain
16 – Smile Ft. Angela McLuskey
17 – TV Screen
18 – Better That Way