The Freshest Presents: District 36 – "Paper Cuts" EP

Kutcorners, of The Freshest have recently joined the group District 36 which originally consists of Seth Kay and Grafic. While the duo have already been working alongside with other Vancouver talents such as JayKin, D-City, and Jeff Spec. Their latest member Kutcorners, Vancouver-based DJ and producer is definitely going to assist in bringing this upcoming hip-hop group to the next level. Recently, they have released their first EP titled “Papercuts.”

The instrumentals utilized throughout the tracks were well delivered with strong lyrics by Seth and Graf. They demonstrated their ability to rap on top of a series of raw hip-hop beats. The songs “The Papers”, “Brown Paper Bag” is portrayed creatively on the cover art of the EP cover by Calen Knauf. The track “Conversations with The Great” includes a chorus that includes the voices of Nas, Biggie, and Jay-Z. This track is strong as it exemplified the two rappers ability to flow and converse between the samples and tell their story through a glimpse of honesty. While this EP is definitely a good start for District 36, they still have ways to go in breaking their underground voices to Vancity.

Download their EP here and be sure to catch District 36 live as they perform their new tracks at “Gangsta Boogie Monday” in Shine Nightclub on October 25. Further more, hit the jump for the track list and to view a brief conversation between the justalilhype! Crew and District 36 about their latest EP.

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

G: This is Graf, Grafic.

S: This is Seth Kay.

What’s the concept behind the “Paper Cuts”?

G: Well, it’s been in a couple years in the making since we formed the group. We just kept making songs and making songs, and tried to make it into an album. Eventually, Seth and Kutcorners just said, “you know what? Let’s just put something out” and we picked the best 3 songs and put this project together to get something out.

What’s the meaning behind the name of the EP?

S: It’s called “Paper Cuts”. We just called it that because the two of the singles off of it is called “The Papers” and “Brown Paper Bag”, so it’s a play off that, pretty simple.

Tell us about your relationship with The Freshest and how did this collaboration come to be?

G: I went to high school with DJ Marvel and he was like four years older than me. We were in the same art class for some reason, even when he was four years older than me. I’ve never met a stupid art student.

(Everyone laughs.)

Anyway, me and Kutcorners met at this show at this gay club in 2001. He was spinning all classic hip-hop, and I just went up to him. He listened to our show and liked it so we linked up from then. Then I met DJ Seko through my cousin JayKin. Then Rico Uno, I only met two years ago because he was the last member to join up with The Freshest.

Who produced the tracks of the project?

G: The songs are produced by all three of us, we are a production group as well and we go by “The Mets” when we produce. District 36 is me, Seth, and Kutcorners

S: Kutcorners works with the overall sound of our tracks. He helps us make choices, produce and everything else in between.

Further down the line, what other projects is down the line with District 36 and The Freshest?

S: Well, we got this mixtape that we are working on now called “2 40’s and a Stoop”, and that’s going to be a full-length mixtape. At least 9-12 tracks, definitely longer than this one. That one is going to be dope. We already started on it and we got features with D-City, JayKin and Jeff Spec.

G: We are also trying to work with on with Red1 right now. You can expect that fairly soon. We are trying to have this back-to-back with “Paper Cuts”. We are shooting for the end of the year, but who knows right?