Vancouver-based Korean DJ Critiques Korea Nightlife

Korea-born DJ Skinny Doh, also known as Ryan Park has been making a mark in Vancouver as one of the most popular picks throughout various Korean club nights and events. Due to his out-going personality and humble attitude, he has been teenagers’ favourite DJ throughout the Korean market within the city. He has encountered many famous Olympians such as Yuna Kim, Kwak Yoon-Gy, Lee Seung-Hoon, Sung Si-Bak, of whom were only a few out of the many he met while DJing at the Korean Olympic Team Celebration Party at Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver. He also got a chance to greet the world famous magician, Han Seol-Hui while DJing at the Korean House, Hyatt Hotel during the 2010 Olympics. Furthermore, on behalf of his appearances in the entertainment industry, he DJed for Vasco from Jiggy Fellaz and Von from Salon at their concert in Vancouver. Last but not least, he’s also friends with Minho, a middle school friend and he’s been in close contact with him throughout the years.

Learning from his mentor DJ Relik, and spending long hours on the 1s and 2s, he has developed a style that follows close to the North American trend and tradition of DJing. Utilizing turntables by mixing hip-hop and R&B tracks and incorporating turntablism through the transition of songs, he is recognized by the local community as a competent DJ. He hopes to bring his skills back to Korea one day and be able to improve the state of Korea’s clubbing scene. Throughout his past interview with justalilhype!, he hugely criticized on how Korean club nights only play pre-mixed CDs and there isn’t an emphasis on the DJing and quality of music at all. Park blends top 40 music well within his large collection of old school hip-hop tracks and hopes one day he will be able to bring the HYPE of DJ Culture from North America back to his home. In his mind, he hopes that one day people won’t have to listen to the same CD on constant repeat played throughout clubs in Korea.

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