NYC Agenda (N40 42.8868 W74 0.35879)

NYC Agenda (N40 42.8868 W74 0.35879)

The winter storm is rolling in quickly as the Agenda trade show in New York City begins. Brands are busy preparing their Spring/Summer 2014 samples, with salesman lining up their order forms. The Agenda Trade Show is one of the biggest events for streetwear brands and street culture. Agenda caters to the needs of buyers, and brands with a strong emphasis on style, art and music.

agenda-nyc-coverageOn the second day of the event (January 23, 2014), I got the opportunity to attend Agenda Emerge in New York City’s Skirball Center at NYU and it was one of the best “lectures” I’ve ever attended. Aside from the freezing weather in NYC at the time, it was a great experience.

The three-hour talk consisting some of the biggest names in menswear and street wear from Mark Ecko, Jeff Staple, Bobby Hundreds and Johnny Cupcakes. They each had about 30-40 minutes on stage individually to share their own theme. The night finishes off with a Q&A with all of the speakers.

The common theme that all the speakers shared about was: “Do what makes you happy, and do what you’re passionate about.” It’s a simple concept. Sometimes what makes you happy isn’t considered a moneymaking mechanism. Sometimes it’s considered a huge risk. However, when you hear it from people who sacrificed themselves day in and day out to realize their visions and live out their dreams – it brings things into perspective.

Yes, they’re madly successful. But they didn’t crave the success when they started. They each craved fulfillment. A fulfillment only satisfied by working on their passion. By doing what they love. They didn’t go in to business expecting 10 million dollars in 10 years. They went in to business to show and sell their art to the world- and something they loved turned into viable businesses as a result.

Agenda Emerge is a great reminder for me. To submerge myself into my passions and get satisfaction off it. I couldn’t ask for more for my first time in NYC .

Alan Law with Jeff Staple.