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Boombox Saints – Bringin' The Boom Back (EP) Review
Boombox Saints - Bringin' The Boom Back (EP) Review

(shortlink: Our friends the Boombox Saints released their EP two days earlier. Based on a true story, titled Bringin’ The Boom Back, the EP features a very different sound from the Saints. Compared to their past releases, Bringin’ The Boom Back represents a much more mature, yet youthfully strong approach to their music. Reinforcing […]

justLISTEN! D-City Has “The Remedy”
justLISTEN! D-City Has

D-City Words by Jenkin Au Photography by Adam Luk and Tony Einfeldt D-City is a headstrong group conforming to no conventions, only to do as what they see fit. Their target has always been music and music alone. With their passion for music, as well as their strong bonds and drive, D-City is on the […]