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e.d.g.e. – Triple Play
e.d.g.e. - Triple Play

Hip-hop artist e.d.g.e. drops his latest creations in a small compilation called Triple Play. This short set has three tracks that you can check out which features old school beats and sounds to please your ears. Catching up with e.d.g.e., he tells us that “Triple Play is a combination of freeverses that [he] recorded to […]

e.d.g.e – Napalm In The Morning
e.d.g.e - Napalm In The Morning

The latest additional to the 48 Laws Of Power project by e.d.g.e is out and the artists behind this mixtape is inarguably strong. The project features Dave Ryan, Shane Eli, Web, and Moka Only, along with producers Rel!g!on, Headspace, Roswell, Ritchcraft, and Stewie Vuiton.┬áHe explains to the justalilhype! Crew that this project is definitely more […]